Should I Start Selling on Etsy?

I have several friends that know I have an Etsy shop (or two)! Sometimes when they are feeling crafty or need extra money…say for the holidays…they start to wonder if they should start selling on Etsy too.

That’s when I receive the Facebook messages: “Hey girl, do you think owning an Etsy shop is worth it?” or “Do you think I should open an Etsy shop?”

My answer is “YES!” It’s so simple and inexpensive, I almost don’t see a reason
NOT to try it. Even if it doesn’t work out for you, you’ve put very little money into it and Etsy shops are easy to close if you decide it’s not for you.


I started my Etsy shop in college with my twin sister. In college! With homework and inexperience all in the mix. And though my Etsy shop stayed small during those years, I call it a success! Money didn’t fly in, but I wasn’t promoting it or pushing it much. Which meant, when money did come in, it was great to have a little extra that I wasn’t expecting. Especially during the holidays!


I ended up receiving 5 star reviews and had sales coming in even when I didn’t have a Facebook or Pinterest!

I promote my Etsy page now from my business Facebook page and other social media and have definitely seen a huge increase in traffic to my shop. I would definitely recommend sharing your Etsy shop to the world via social media!

So, if I could manage an Etsy shop at age 20-22 in college, with no experience and no social media platforms, I think you can too!


Check out this post on how to get started.



Now, I have a larger Etsy shop that I’ve created and renamed. You can check it out here.

I also opened this Etsy shop for printables and digital files too! I’ll write about how easy that one is soon!


P.S. Guys, please note: I’m not a genius! These are just my opinions. Please consider your own feelings and experiences when deciding whether to open an Etsy shop.

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