Tips on Starting an Etsy Shop

So you want to start an Etsy shop?


When friends ask if opening an Etsy shop is worth it…

My answer is “YES!” It’s so simple and inexpensive, I almost don’t see a reason
NOT to try it. Even if it doesn’t work out for you, you’ve put very little money into it and Etsy shops are easy to close if you decide it’s not for you.

Here’s some tips on how to get started:

Think of what you would like to make and sell.

Open up shop. Go to and create an account. It’s super easy and quick…and free to create an account.

The only thing you must pay up front is when you make a listing and publish it. And get this…it’s only 20 cents per listing. So, you could list 5 items and only spend a dollar! Once your item sells, Etsy will take a portion and deposit the rest into your bank account! Those are the only fees I have to pay. I can choose to spend on advertising if I’d like, but it’s optional.

Once you get into your Etsy account, you get to choose your shop name! Then, you can play around with your shop settings and add some fun information about you.

You’ll also want to make sure to add an Etsy shop icon.

Then, go to add a listing and make the magic happen! Upload a couple pictures and add some details about your item. Etsy is good about helping out with their captions and tips within the “add a listing” tab.

Voila! Publish that baby for 20 cents and you’re open for business!

Now you can share your listings on your Facebook and Twitter to show off your new shop!


Feel free to look around in my Etsy shops: and (new!)

I love to answer questions if you have any! I’m no expert, but I have set up a couple Etsy shops. So, I’m here to help if I can!

P.S. Guys, please note: I’m not a genius! These are just my opinions. Please consider your own feelings and experiences when deciding whether to open an Etsy shop.

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