How to Survive a Long Trade Day


Whether it’s successful or slow, trade days can be HARD, LONG work!

Sometimes, slow trade days are especially hard. It’s not fun to sit and watch the few people who did show up just browse and leave, or just walk on by. I have had the lovely learning experience of super LONG, SLOW trade days. I thought I’d share some tips that helped me survive!

Number 1: Bring a Friend! 

My biggest, most important suggestion would be to BRING A FRIEND.

My mom and I go together and have fun sitting outside and laughing at how little money we’ve made. And making jokes about what we will tell my Dad-who, of course, told us this one wouldn’t make us any money.

Number 2: Bring Snacks

Nothing sucks more than having to spend your money on food at a trade day, especially when you’re not even making money. But it also sucks to sit there hungry and grumpy because you won’t let yourself go to the concession stand. I suggest bringing a nice delightful bag of your favorite snacks!

Number 3: Bring Cold Drinks

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink on a long day when you’re not making any money. I have found myself almost in tears as I take a nice long drink of my ice tea on the slowest of trade days. And it’s so much more refreshing when I know I didn’t spend the few dollars I’ve made just on a drink. A small cooler full of soda, tea or water will do the trick!

Number 4: Bring something to do (but keep it small and simple!)

It’s always nice when you can at least feel productive when everything else seems to be failing. If you can bring some business-y things to work on, you’ll still feel accomplished even if the trade day didn’t go well.

However, don’t be like me and try to bring your whole office or craft room! There would be days I’d bring paper work, paint, and signs to work on. But, that just turned out to be overwhelming and I left them all in their boxes. So, I got nothing done!

I’d suggest bringing a simple, perhaps entertaining task to keep you busy.

Number 5: Bring a Journal

I also found it nice to have a journal with me. I could jot down some ideas and make a to-do list or checklist for my next trade day. If I noticed I wished I had brought something, I’d write it down so I’d remember for next time!

I know it can be soul-crushing to put so much time and effort into a day or even a weekend to end up making NO money. But, with these tips, you can at least sit back with a friend, sip on some cold drinks, and people-watch! Think of it like a weekend vacay!

Have you ever experienced a soul-crushing slow trade day experience? If so, we’d love to hear about it!
Today’s Catnip Tidbit: Jewel wants to cuddle…until she doesn’t. Then she’ll bite you. Moral of the story: When life bites you, just leave it alone for a while. Come back later…when it’s in a better mood.



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