How to Make your Bedroom Cozy

Am I the only one who loves a cozy bedroom? It’s not just when it’s cold either; summer, spring, winter, or fall – I want a cozy room! However, each season holds a different kind of cozy comfy. For example, in the summer, I love letting a little sunshine in and keeping things light and airy with some whites and grays. In the winter, I’m okay with throwing in some darker colors and warmer spaces.

So, let’s talk about some different ways to achieve these different levels of the coziness!

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For the summer, I have whites and grays mixed in with a pop of color. For example, here, I’ve got a gray comforter, white fuzzy blanket, with a smaller set of blankets-one white and gray and one a fun teal! I threw in some fuzzy throw pillows too! I like fuzzy blankets and throw pillows because they are easy to change out for different pops of color.

In the winter, it’s a fuzzy blanket free for all! 50% of the coziness relies on the sheer amount of fuzzy blankets. It’s no longer light and airy – it’s full on blanket fort mode! The curtains stay open letting some light in, along with the flickering flame of a lovely cinnamon candle. For me, cinnamon scents sing the cozy songs of winter.

So, my comforter stays gray and white all year long. But, the throw pillows and cozy blankets can be interchanged depending on the season and my mood. With a gray comforter, I feel like I’m free to add in other colors freely. Sometimes I’ll throw in some bright pink throw pillows and a fun pink blanket. Other times, I’ll have white throw pillows with some light pastel colors for blankets.

I’ll show you all my cozy reading corner soon! Until then, how do you make your room cozy?

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