Things to Do When You Just Don’t Feel Good

There are many factors in owning a business that can bring those days where you just “don’t feel good.” Sometimes, it’s easy enough to find a way to push through those days and keeping working as usual. Other days though, it’s hard. You’ll try to stay at work-but you still get nothing done. You stare at the computer, you stare at your calendar, you open a few programs on your screen. And then, defeated, you lay your head down on your desk. It’s days like this where I believe you’d be MORE productive if you went home and got some rest.

So, here are some ideas that help you stay productive even on the rough days.

First, go home-or if you work from home- leave your office space. Go to the kitchen and get a snack and a yummy drink.

Then, find a cozy space. This can be your bed, your couch, a cozy chair. It needs to be somewhere you can let the stress melt away. Clear your mind. Take some breaths. If you want music, open your music app and lay it beside you. If you’d prefer silence, turn off any TVs or distractions.

While your here, let’s do two things. First, rest and clear your head. It’s time for a refresh. Second, you can still be productive business wise if you want-but still be relaxed. Bring your phone or device  and we’ll get to work in a bit.

First, we rest.  If you’re a nap person, close your eyes. If you’re a music girl, listen to your music, carelessly sing along. If you’re a thinker, go ahead and think. BUT think on non-stressful stuff. Think about what will make you happy today. Think about what makes you smile.

When you feel your energy returning, you can do a few work related things right from your cozy space. But keep them light hearted. Don’t throw yourself into a huge client project, don’t try to finish that project you still have hours on. Maybe pick one section of that project and do some research. Pull up google and do some reading for your next project. Keep it simple.

You can also go to your Pinterest and do some pinning. Pin all the pins you like. Enjoy yourself on Pinterest- like the old days. Then go and pen a few things of yours to throw into your pinning afternoon.

You can also open up Facebook and just do some simple networking. I have ended up being very productive with afternoons on Facebook. Join groups and interact. They are full of answers and full of exposure for your business. Even if you don’t find a client there, you can see what kind of questions people have and see if there is a way you can answer the most popular ones: a service you offer? A blog post?

More ideas: Read a book, research on Pinterest ( I have some reading material and resource boards set up so that I can go read on days like this), find some free trainings.

These are just a few ideas to help with those days that just aren’t so good. Leave a comment below if you have any other helpful suggestions. Hang in there. It can be rough, but you got this. You’re doing better than you think.

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